Pearl Viper & the mOnk

Pearl Viper is an electronic ambient pop project. Initially intended as an instrumental project for licensing to TV shows, adverts and films, this solo project soon turned into a collaboration with Paul Read (aka teapot mOnk) to become Pearl Viper and the mOnk.

We aimed to merge elements of Taoist wisdom with dreamy ambient tracks to transport the listener away into a different world and yet, simultaneously make them aware of the 21st century that forever challenges you to be still and aware of your surroundings. We wanted it to be the perfect musical representation of both Taoism and Tai Chi.

Like Portishead having drinks with EBTG and Zero 7 while Brian Eno goes to get the next round in a pub where Lao Tzu is the barman.

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Watch video for ‘To Become An Immortal’

Listen to the 3 EPs by Pearl Viper and the mOnk


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